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2023 Legislation

AB 26 – Personal Income Tax Law: exclusion: federal student loan debt relief plan.
Excludes, from state taxes, an individual's gross income that qualified for student loan debt discharge under the federal student loan debt relief plan for taxable years starting from January 1, 2023, to January 1, 2028.

AB 247 – Education finance: school facilities: Kindergarten through Community College Public Education
Establishes the Kindergarten Through Community College Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2024, and places a state general obligation bond on the 2024 statewide ballot to fund the construction and modernization of K-12 and California Community Colleges school facilities.

AB 432 – California Court Interpreter Workforce Pilot Program
Establishes the California Court Interpreter Workforce Pilot Program to be administered by the Judicial Council to increase the number of eligible applicants for employment as court interpreters.

AB 506 – California State University: Graduation requirement: ethnic studies
Requires collaboration between the California State University (CSU) Chancellor’s Office and CSU and California Community Colleges (CCC) academic organizations to develop a process for approving ethnic studies courses CCC students can take to transfer to the CSU. 

AB 658 – Public Employees’ Medical and Hospital Care Act: postemployment health benefits: the City of San Gabriel
Authorizes the City of San Gabriel to adopt collective bargaining agreements to provide a different level of postretirement health care coverage to employees hired and elected officials serving on or after January 1, 2023.

AB 732 – Crimes: relinquishment of firearms
Strengthens the process for removing firearms from people who are prohibited from owning them due to a criminal conviction by increasing the court and prosecuting attorney’s roles in ensuring that guns are relinquished at the time of conviction. Also requires increased coordination between the Department of Justice and local agencies to address the backlog of individuals who may not have relinquished their firearms.

AB 733 – Firearms: sale by government entity
Prohibits any state or municipal government agency or department from selling any firearm, ammunition, or body armor.

AB 811 – Seymour-Campbell Student Success Act of 2012: repeating credit courses
Requires California Community College District governing boards to update their policies regarding “repeatability” and “repetition” of courses to allow students more access to courses, both when a student fails to successfully complete a course and when they wish to repeat a course for enrichment and skill building purposes. 

AB 942 – Postsecondary education: sex equity
Updates the Sex Equity Act for higher education institutions in California, providing additional layers of protection for survivors of sexual misconduct on higher education campuses, by conforming state law to the proposed 2022 Biden regulations on Title IX.

AB 1096 – Educational instruction: language of instruction
Permits California Community Colleges to offer courses taught in languages other than English without requiring students to take an English as a Second Language course simultaneously.

AB 1142 – Postsecondary education: Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education in California
Establishes the Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education in California to act as the statewide entity for planning, oversight, and coordination of postsecondary education.

AB 1279 – California Conservation Corps: contracts: community conservation corps
Removes the sunset on the California Conservation Corps’ authority to contract with community conservation corps for specific projects, natural disasters and emergency response efforts.

AB 1354 – Pupil Instruction: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
Requires the Instructional Quality Commission to consider adopting curriculum frameworks on the historical, social, economic and political contributions made by Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders in the United States, as well as highlight examples of racism, discrimination, and violence that have been perpetrated against these communities, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

AB 1521 – Proposition 65: certificate of merit
Updates the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, commonly known as Proposition 65, by requiring information supporting a certificate of merit to include information related to the product that is subject to a notice of alleged violation.

AB 1540 – Postsecondary Education: nonresident tuition: exemption
Streamlines the process for undocumented students to apply for financial aid in California by incorporating the AB 540 affidavit with the California Dream Act Application.

AB 1541 – Community Colleges: governing board of membership: student members
Provides student members of governing boards of California Community College districts an opportunity to cast an advisory vote.

AB 1542 – Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges: student members: Student Success Completion Grant program awards
Provides a $4,000 per semester Student Success Completion Grant to the two student members of the California Community Colleges Board of Governors to help students financially while serving on the Board.

AB 1543 – Community Colleges: student representation fees
Allows California Community College students to opt out of a portion of the $2 student representation fee—either the $1 portion that supports their local student body organization or the $1 portion that funds the statewide student organization.

AB 1638 – Local government: use of a foreign language
Requires local public agencies serving a jurisdiction where 5% or more of the population primarily speaks a language other than English to provide any information during an emergency in that language.

ACR 16 – Needs of opportunity youth
Highlights the needs of California’s opportunity youth and emphasizes the importance of creating pathways for their success. Calls for a statewide comprehensive plan to connect this population of disconnected 16-24 year olds to critical career, educational and social safety net opportunities.

ACR 18 – School curriculum: Asian American history and contributions
Urges all schools in California to incorporate the history and contributions of Asian Americans into their curriculum alongside other communities of color.

HR 41 – Combating Asian Invisibility Day
Recognizes May 17, 2023 as Combating Asian Invisibility Day to address the disproportionate effects invisibility has caused the Asian American and Pacific Islander community by advocating for better language access and accurate data that represents the community.