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2022 Legislation

AB 1811 – Local Flood Protection: Climate Change
This bill requires any new flood protection plans to address climate change and the management of rainwater and stormwater. It would also require plans to include an update on the agency’s coordination with water suppliers toward utilizing flood waters for bolstering local water supplies.

AB 1958 – The Community College Student Access, Retention, and Debt Cancellation Program
This bill creates the Community College Student Access, Retention, and Debt Cancellation Program. It would enable the Chancellor’s Office of the California Community Colleges to support the colleges’ efforts in increasing retention rates and enrollment, specifically by discharging student debt or unpaid balances owed to the colleges.

AB 1964 – California State University and California Community Colleges: Ethnic Studies
This bill requires the Chancellors of the California Community Colleges and California State University to issue – by the 2025-26 academic year – at least one “course identification descriptor number” in four areas of Ethnic Studies. Further, it would set the minimum standards for Ethnic Studies community college courses.

AB 2003 – Career Pathways for Essential Workers
This bill assists essential workers in their career pursuits by directing the California Workforce Development Board to develop model career pathways for essential workers.

AB 2158 – Ethics Training
This bill requires members of the governing boards of school districts and county offices of education, and members of the governing bodies of charter schools to receive training in ethics once every two years, starting with members on governing boards/bodies as of January 1, 2025.

AB 2255 – The Affordable Broadband Service Program for California Dreamers
This bill creates the Affordable Broadband Service Program for California Dreamers. This program – which would be developed and administered by the Student Aid Commission – would provide affordable broadband service to Dreamers.

AB 2743 – Proposition 65
This bill requires a private enforcer of Proposition 65 to send alleged violators the same factual information it sends the Attorney General before filing a legal complaint.

AB 2917 – Disability Access
This bill requires attorneys to report information on litigation that alleges website accessibility violations to the California Commission on Disability Access. The bill also requires the Commission to prepare educational information on website accessibility standards and prepare a tool for businesses to identify legal violations relating to parking lots and exterior paths of travel.