Consumer Protection Workshop Arms Residents with Helpful Tips

"California State Assembly Member Ed Chau, representative of the 49th State Assembly district, hosted a consumer protection workshop in the Barth Community Room of Crowell Public Library on Fri., Feb. 24. The event was well attended and featured speakers from four government agencies, all of which are tasked with supporting consumers against the threat of fraudulent schemes. Stacia Crane, a spokesperson with the United States Postal Inspection Service, shared many tips for people of all ages to protect themselves from scammers."

Montebello Unified alumni petition state representatives for high risk state audit

. “The unfolding situation at the Montebello Unified School District is certainly a cause for concern,” Chau said in a written statement. “I support the calls for an independent audit in order to restore the public’s trust in its local educational institution, and to ensure that the interests of its students continue to be front and center in all aspects of its operations. To that end, I stand with my colleagues in the legislature ready to assist the community to do what is necessary to help the school district move forward from its present crisis.”

California to include key Chinese American history in state curriculum

"California Governor Jerry Brown signed a historic bill Tuesday which would make the state curriculum include two important chapters from Chinese American history. The AB2864 bill, introduced by California State Assembly member Ed Chau, means California has formally recognized two key chapters in the history of Chinese Americans in an academic setting -- Chinese Americans' contributions to the Transcontinental Railroad, and the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882."

Bill Authored by California State Assemblyman Ed Chau to Protect Consumers Signed into Law

"Two consumer protection bills authored by California State Assemblyman Ed Chau were signed into law Tuesday by Governor Jerry Brown. According to Chau’s office, AB 2828 expands the data breach notification law, which currently requires notice to consumers of compromised unencrypted personal information, to also include encrypted information, if the encryption keys have also been compromised."

New California Bill Would Allow Schools to Expel Kids for Sexting

Students could soon get kicked out of school for sexting.

A new state Assembly bill, AB 2536, would give schools the right to expel or suspend students for what it calls sexting — sending nude or sexually explicit photos and images electronically, “with the purpose or effect of humiliating or harassing a pupil.” They would be able to do that when students are at, or en route to and from, school or school-sanctioned events.

Expelled for sexting? California bill sets discipline for sexy texts

California high school students might have to think twice before they snap and send.

Concerned by a practice he’s said is becoming more prevalent in schools, a state lawmaker is carrying a bill that would let schools suspend or expel kids for so-called sexting – sharing explicit pictures and recordings via electronic message. Assembly Bill 2536 would also require that health classes include information on the perils of sharing scandalous content.