Chau Select Committee Holds First Hearing on the Internet of Things

(Berkeley, CA) – The State Assembly’s Select Committee on Emerging Technologies, Chaired by Assemblymember Ed Chau (D-Monterey Park), brought together legislators, legal scholars, key academics, industry experts, government liaisons, and consumer representatives to examine the benefits and challenges associated with the commercialization of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the impact it may have on consumers, state and local governments, and businesses. “From mobile devices, to wearable health and fitness trackers, to connected vehicles, the Internet of Things is all around us and quickly becoming the Internet of Everything,” said Assemblymember Chau. “There is no part of our society today that is untouched by the internet and the devices connected to it, so the time is right for the Legislature to discuss an important issue that we are going to be dealing with for years.” Watch the entire hearing in this Assembly Access video.

Below are links to audio clips of Assemblymember Chau talking about the upcoming informational hearing by the Select Committee on Emerging Technologies: 

Assemblymember Chau explains what the “Internet of Things” (IoT) is. (:13)

Assemblymember Chau says almost anything can become a “smart” thing. (:10)

Assemblymember Chau says there are already billions of “smart” things in the world and billions more will be coming on line over the next decade. (:17)

Assemblymember Chau says the IoT will be part of a growing tech economy. (:10)


Assemblymember Chau says the IoT will present some unique challenges that will be discussed during the hearing.  (:08)

Assemblymember Chau says it’s possible the Legislature will need to address some of the issues he expects to be raised during the hearing. (:13)